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April Malloy

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My Story Story,  I was Orphan Below is more information! I am already a Miracle! 
 Below is my back story, and why she is Empowering Lives! Her Projects, and the movies and reality shows!We are the Solution to Empower Our Country! Here is Our Story and Information! Shes The Boss Brand, (Shes The Boss, LLC) I been featured on Fox News.

April Malloy is pushing to bring forth powerful tools for women to change the world. She’s The Boss Brand owns many companies that will help more women across the world and variety walks of life become bosses!  This reality show will be a platform used to teach women how to become the lender instead of the borrower in today’s society! While She’s The Boss Brand is helping women become successful, it supplies many job opportunities for our country to become stronger again! April’s Story came from true suffering to triumph! Her passion comes from life experiences filled with abuse and tragedy. She was extremely tormented as a child and went through more than 20 foster and group homes. Her first husband, very crazy about, was a wounded veteran and died in a car accident, which left her a devastated wreck, again abandon and alone! Several years later she met a man who seemed to be her knight and shining armor turned out to be living a double life to issues of extreme power and control. April Malloy went from her two oldest children being subject of extreme parental blocking and bulling. Mrs Malloy was left homeless with her son Gabriel. That’s when she began fighting to overcome. She got into Construction a trade she learned while in foster care. She started Construction 1st Class, Now April Malloy Don’t just do Construction now she is pitching powerful inspiring movies that help shed light on life’s situations to help others overcome and be Empowered through her company Shes The Boss Productions, Inc is pitching three reality shows Shes The Boss power house women April’s Passion and desire is for women not to suffer as she has and want to provide them a chance to become more than a survivor in today’s low paid economy.  She now fights for the rights of others to be Empowered with the many laws, she is now fighting for through her nonprofit Women Empower Us! The nonprofit helps struggling women financially get on their feet and get their life back!  April Malloy’s for-profit corporation are companies which are designed to help more women to-overcome! Her heart’s desire is to empower women, but let’s not forget she loves all people and is in the process to build empowers for men as well. How She’s the Boss is Different from other Women Shelters and 12-Step programs- Women will be able to house their animals under restrictions.  Many people have pets to comfort them throughout life’s journey and many places do not allow animals on their premises. This causes many people to turn away from the help which is offered to them.   Tobacco use will be the only permitted use on the premises in designated areas, where many places will not permit the use of any kind.  This will provide jobs and responsibility at the same time.  Helps the Economy This show will resonate to the world in such a time as this! Everyone viewing this show will know that women can do anything! Building future women of the America to be overcomes & know there are not limits on what they can achieve. A tenacious attitude will take you place you have only dreamed of, which is dreams coming to reality.•The show will be my team of Women building buildings a power house woman running many companies! City Of NYC, LA,MIAMI AND HOUSTON •This reality show brings forth the strength and power of women who knows no limits! •She's The Boss (April Malloy) Trains More Women to become powerful women with strong foundations to uphold themselves without codependency! •She's the Boss (April Malloy) don’t just Build buildings She owns a Production company a Development Company a Construction company and the founder of Women Empower Us, Inc a 501c3 to Warriors that changes lives to America Break Your Silence the fight to end injustice for all!  Shes The Boss ProductionsGANG OF WORDSThis story was written for the screen by film actress, Tessa Lyn Farrell LOGLINE:  A shy, beautiful girl from an abusive family gets swept up in the dark side of the music industry and turns poetry into rap to rise above it. SYNOPSIS:Scarlette, a shy, beautiful girl from Ventura, CA writes poetry and listens to hip-hop to escape her violent, abusive upbringing. After graduating high school, she escapes to Los Angeles and takes the first job she can find as a glamorous go-go dancer in a high-end nightclub. Here she catches the eye of Ray, a hotshot music producer, who uses his power to manipulate her to his advantage. With her dignity and morality on the line, she faces his oppression and trades riches for rags retreating back to Ventura, only this time, living penniless on the beach. After many dangerous nights on the sand, she meets Laura, a lonely, successful businesswoman in search of inspiration and a true friend. They help each other face their fears and fight for what they want in life. Thus inspiring Scarlette to return to the nightclub, take the stage and stand up against Ray in a fierce rap battle.ABOUT THE FILM:This film is a microphone to voice, spread and cornerstone the female perspective; not only empowering women to speak up but stand up for themselves in the face of adversity and oppression in the workplace, thus serving as a notable contributor to the Women’s Empowerment Movement. Another unique element to this film is its emphasis on the importance of breaking the mold, redefining stereotypes, overcoming self-doubt and being true to you who really are. In today’s culture, people are categorized into groups by race, sexual preference, religion, profession, income, etc. In the film Scarlette adds a wholesome, uplifting, feminine touch, with a focus on truth, love and forgiveness, to the aggressive art form of hip hop. In addition, she will be played by a young Caucasian woman who will shine in an arena predominantly populated by African American men, inspiring the audience to show the world who they really are despite self-imposed limitations and the opinions of others.  “What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have. And I'm especially proud and inspired by all the women who have felt strong enough and empowered enough to speak up and share their personal stories. Each of us in this room are celebrated because of the stories that we tell, and this year we became the story. But it's not just a story affecting the entertainment industry. It's one that transcends any culture, geography, race, religion, politics, or workplace. So I want tonight to express gratitude to all the women who have endured years of abuse and assault."Right now, there is a spotlight on women’s rights with the “me too” movement underway. This film shines light directly on this subject matter in a unique, sexy, controversial and inspiring!   This Movie Is truly About Women Going against all Odds And Winning  Attached Is the Script  Victory Girl  Synopsis What does a twenty-year-old, gorgeous, spirited, Kansas crop duster do, early in WWII, when her brother is shot down by German Messerschmitt fighters? If she’s Grace Caitlin, she makes a pledge to avenge his death --- by flying combat in his place. What would a woman do when confronted with pleas from her grieving parents not to follow in her brother’s footsteps? And what would she do when confronted with the gender-limiting Army Air Force regulations concerning the role of women in “a man’s world”? If she’s Grace Caitlin, she would allow nothing (not even her own lack of humility), to get in the way of her goal. Helping to assemble the B-17 Bomber at Lockheed in Burbank, and learning to fly everything in the American air arsenal at the WASPs’ Avenger Field in Texas, Grace winds up ferrying bombers to pilots in Newfoundland, for the Atlantic crossing. There, she meets Bill Brandon, a secretly-combat-fatigued, B-17 pilot. Smitten with him, and obsessed with the idea of flying combat over Europe, she goes AWOL, and “transfers” herself to his airbase in England. Her initiative is appreciated at the Snetterton Heath base, and she is appointed Special Adjutant for Maintenance Issues. But she doesn’t let the planes’ maintenance work deter her from her goal. When she discovers Bill’s combat fatigue has disqualified him from bombing missions, she self-righteously abandons him, in disdain for his “cowardice”. And, with the overweening self-confidence of a “natural flyer”, she finagles her way aboard a bombing mission over Europe. Enroute to the target, she is shaken to the core, flying in a freezing “tin can” being peppered by flak at thirty thousand feet, with death and destruction all around her. To her horror, her lack of team attitude --- and her self-centered, grandstanding style on the fifty-caliber machine gun --- cause the death of a crew member. She’s not in Kansas anymore. But she faces her insecurities, and confronts the possibility of her death, and those of her comrades. Inspired by her courage, Bill returns to combat duty. She is warned off the next mission by their pilot. Regardless, Grace sneaks aboard Bill’s plane, before it takes off on a top secret, desperate, low-level, three-plane mission deep into German territory, in order to destroy a group of scientists working on the atom bomb. On this mission, she becomes part of the bond of trust and interdependence that maintains the sanity of a bomber crew even in the jaws of death. And her display of courage helps Bill regain his own. Together, in the only plane to survive, pounded by flak and fighter attacks, they pull off the Mission From Hell. Returning in a bomber rapidly falling apart, and with Bill too injured to steer, Grace takes over and lands the plane. She has become a team player and a mature woman who has found understanding and compassion. She begs Bill’s forgiveness and takes him back into her heart. THE BOSS TOWERS ARE BEING PITCHED TO THIS AMAZING CASINO OWNER   The new tower "The Shape of a women" would become One of the most significant projects done, and owned by a Women who knew no limits, that all Women could accomplish! This tower will measure around 50-100 stories. With a Grand Entry with White & Gold marble with Carpet runner with every country flag Going through out the Lobby and Hallways . (The Meaning bringing unity and healing to our world. This powerful Design will have eliminates brought in from different countries. Showing that America will no longer separate ourselves by Race, by religion or Gender! There will be a unity center that will help bring the community closer together!This amazing Tower will have around 800 Hotel rooms and 20 condos 2-3 Bedrooms and 7 Penthouse along with 5 star restaurant. With Elaborate Event Hall. with amazing shopping and elaborate Golf Club for Vegas.      This project will be partnered with a elite business man who believes in Empowering our mothers of our world and owned by a women. (April Malloy)
Casino (THE BOSS TOWERS) Shape of a women.
Inspired for women who have been fighting glass ceilings! Many women who have been fighting the glass ceilings! 
Shes The Boss Developers, Inc is creating more jobs and training those who need a Hand Up to overcome their own lives struggles! Be part of Empowering our country and our world! Founder of Women Empower Us, Inc a 501c3 Non profit!Showing Fearless Women, who are making huge impacts!
Hotel Rooms range $180-$1,200 a night depending on availability and size suites.The Condo Prices range from 2.8 Million to 5 Million to purchase! ( top floors )The Pent Houses will be at 5 Million to 40 Million Approximation Cost to build and Purchase the Land in NYC 1.3 Billion with Profit of 1.1 Billion Plus the Yearly profit of the Bar Sales, Event sales and Restaurant.  We Are also Working on SHES THE BOSS REALITY to empower more struggling women's lives the brand will give free real estate leads while the non profit Women Empower Us will get them on their feet and trained.
We are also Joining a women owned Mechanic shop. The shop will go on our Shes The Boss Brand Mechanics to train and empower more women as we join with other companies who will join us in Empowering lives as result Empower our country!  By: Kimberly WalfgramShes The Boss Brand
1 212-671-1965 NY Off Market Real Estate
1 212-960-8290 Construction 1st Class
1 212-960-8291 Fax Construction 1st Class
1 310-844-7661 Shes The Boss Productions www.shesthebossproductions
1 310-882-5075 Shes The Boss PR
1 346-314-0500 Construction 1st Texas
1 646-233-0666 Women Empower us+
1 646-233-0690 Women Women Empower US 501c3
1 646-402-6717 Women Empower US, Inc 501c3
1 646-403-3829 Women Empower us
1 646-701-5378 NY Construction Project Manager
1702-848-7044 Shes The Boss Developers Vegas
+1866-903-2991 Shes The Boss Store www.shesthebossstore.comShes The Boss Brand and Women Empower Us, Inc a 501c3 Needs your attention to Empower Our Country!

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